Do I need a Crane Oversail Licence for Highways?

Yes. For crane oversail licences over highways, your local authority website will normally have a form to download as well as attached guidance on what they require. This typically will include the following:


  • A completed & signed application form;
  • A copy of your company Public Liability Insurance certificate;
  • A copy of your crane operation Method Statement;
  • A Traffic Management Plan – This proposal must include a drawing of the location of all relevant signage, clearly and safely directing traffic and pedestrians around the operation. It must also include any proposed diversion route if applicable;
  • Any relevant site plans or diagrams;
  • Your licence fee and damage deposit cheques;
  • Confirmation of Road closures / Parking bay suspensions applied for (if applicable).


Always visit your local authority website to ensure you are providing all the information required to obtain a crane oversail licence.

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