Boundary Determination in England and Wales

As experts in neighbourly matters, we are able to provide extensive advice on various boundary issues. This includes analysing deed plans and Land Registry information to provide an opinion on where the paper boundary lies, establishing the responsibility for the repair of boundary features (i.e. garden walls, fences and hedges), finding the position of dividing walls, as well as various other boundary disputes that may be encountered.

As part of the process, we carry out a site survey and arrange a measured topographical survey to plot all current and historic boundary features on a plan. Following this we are able to overlay any relevant conveyance/transfer plans to establish the likely location of the boundary. It is necessary to undertake a measured survey as Ordnance Survey follow the ‘General Boundaries Rule’ and therefore all boundary features need to be precisely measured and marked on a plan. Further information is reviewed (where available) such as historic plans, aerial photography and boundary agreements to assist in reporting our opinion on the location of the boundary.

Boundary disputes can escalate if not dealt with appropriately and they can be expensive if they progress to court, so it is important to engage with a boundary expert as soon as possible.

Where required, we produce Expert Witness reports to be compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and act as an expert witness in court.