It is essential to consider party wall matters at the earliest stage of the project to prevent delay. Notice periods are 1 & 2 months depending on the type of proposed notifiable works but it may take even longer to agree a Party Wall Award if your project is more complex. As experienced party wall surveyors, we are naturally able to advise on design proposals to remove unnecessary party wall issues, as well as deal with all notices and appointments to prevent any delay to the project programme and avoidable neighbour disputes.

Please contact us now for some initial advice on your project or if you would like a fee quotation, please email your proposals.

Our core party wall services include:
  • Reviewing proposed plans
  • Serving & reviewing party wall notices
  • Reviewing proposed plans
  • Producing schedules of condition
  • Preparing and agreeing party wall awards
  • Assisting with appeals and consequences
  • Proactive management of party wall issues arising

If you have a neighbourly matter issue you would like to discuss, please contact us.