Crane and Scaffold Licences in London

We regularly work with developers and adjoining owners in respect of Crane Oversail and Scaffold Licences and can assist with design alterations to mitigate the potential for claims against you, as well as negotiate formal licence agreements.

Crane Oversail Licences

Large developments often require the use of at least one crane on site and if it is to oversail the adjoining land, express consent from the adjoining landowner and anybody with an interest in the airspace above, will be required. If express consent is not in place before oversailing the airspace of the adjoining land, you will be trespassing and can open yourself up to litigation
Developers should look to consider potential oversailing issues at the earliest possible stage of the project. We provide advice to developers in respect of the benefits of using different crane types, which can reduce cost and increase speed and load capacity, negotiate access agreements or licences as well as provide adjoining owners with adequate protection to their property.

Scaffold Licences

If you are looking to erect scaffold on land belonging to an adjoining owner and do not have right of access by means of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 or through provisions contained within a lease, you will need express consent from the owner(s) of the land you are wishing to place the scaffold on. This usually takes the form of a formal Licence Agreement. Items usually covered by the licence include, duration for access, method statements, safety documents, insurance, schedules of condition and working hours.