Party Wall Surveyors in Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is home to many luxurious houses and apartments. But with such a prestigious address, one wrong move can lead to a costly dispute.

Ensure your building project runs smoothly with experienced Knightsbridge party wall surveyors. From assessing neighbour’s rights to negotiating party wall agreements, Hamilton Darcey LLP is the trusted specialist for all party wall-related matters.

Understanding Party Wall Agreements

Under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, any building project that affects party walls, boundary lines and shared structures must secure the agreement of all adjacent property owners.

A party wall is defined as:

  • any wall or structure which stands astride the boundary line between two or more properties
  • any wall or structure which stands wholly on the land of one owner and is used for separate occupancies

Both parties must understand their rights and obligations as detailed in the Party Wall Act to reach a fair agreement. Trust our Knightsbridge party wall surveyors to provide impartial advice.

How to Initiate the Process

To initiate the process, you must provide your neighbours with written notice of the proposed works at least two months before commencement. This is known as the party wall notice and must include details of the works, start date and timescales.

The surveyor’s role is to assess the planned works, establish any potential issues and agree on the terms of the party wall agreement.

What Type of Notice Is Required? notice?

The notice depends on the nature of the work. There are three types that can be served:

  • Line of Junction Notice – building a new wall on or astride the boundary line between two properties; requires at least one month’s notice.
  • Party Structure Notice – demolishing, altering or repairing a shared wall; requires at least two months’ notice.
  • Adjacent Excavation Notice – excavating within three to six metres of an existing wall or structure; requires at least two months’ notice.

How Can Adjoining Neighbours Respond

Neighbouring property owners have 14 days from the date of the notice to formally respond. However, since the notice is sent in the “ordinary course of post”, a two-day allowance is granted to the respondent. Therefore, the total time for a response should be, at most, 16 days.

Consent to the works as proposed

The initiating party can proceed with the works once they have been granted consent. There is no need to appoint a Surveyor, and a schedule of conditions be completed to note the existing state of the wall or structure before the commencement of works.

Additionally, a Party Wall Award is not required. A Party Wall Award is a legally binding agreement between the two parties outlining the works and any other related matters. It also sets out further information such as timelines, access rights and insurance.

Dissent and appointing a surveyor

If the neighbour dissents, they can appoint their own surveyor. This individual assesses the proposed construction works and how they affect the adjoining property. They will then create a Party Wall Award to settle any disputes and serve as evidence should there be issues in the future.

All property owners will be served a Party Wall Award and a Schedule of Conditions. Both parties must agree to the terms and sign off on the agreement before any works start.

Dissent and appointing an agreed surveyor

In this case, the adjoining owners will agree to appoint a single surveyor to act on behalf of both parties. The process is the same as if two separate surveyors were selected and will result in the creation of a Party Wall Award.

The party who initiates the survey will be responsible for all costs, regardless of the outcome. Get Knightsbridge’s most reliable surveyors on your side.

Who We Serve

Building Owners

We provide party wall surveyors for anyone looking to build or alter property in Knightsbridge. Our team will ensure all parties involved understand the Party Wall Act and that the correct procedures are followed.

Some  of our services include:
  • PartyWall Agreements
  • Party Wall Awards
  • Party Structure Notices
  • Design Stage Advice
  • Oversail Agreements
  • Neighbour Liaison

Adjoining Owners

Ensure that your rights as an adjoining property owner are protected during construction works. Our Party Wall Surveyors will evaluate the impact of the proposed works and provide an independent assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to appoint a surveyor if you’re looking to build a new wall or carry out any work on an existing party wall. This includes excavating near a party wall or making any repairs or alterations to the wall itself.

Party wall surveyors are experts in property law who give impartial advice to building owners and adjoining neighbours. They assess the impact of proposed works, provide a Party Wall Award and help enforce the Party Wall Act.

If an agreement cannot be reached, you must appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to serve a Party Wall Award. This will set out the rights and responsibilities of both parties and other details, such as access rights, timelines and compensation.

Trust the Expert Negotiators and Party Wall Surveyors

Our fully-accredited surveyors in Knightsbridge have years of experience negotiating party wall agreements between neighbours. We manage all communication with adjacent property owners, working closely with both parties to reach a practical solution that works for everyone. Contact us today for a free consultation.