Party Wall Surveyors in Mayfair

Mayfair is an affluent area of London that is home to some of the city’s most exclusive and expensive properties. If you’re planning to make changes to your property, working with the right party wall surveyor is essential.

Receive impartial and practical advice for all Party Wall matters. Our experienced surveyors in Mayfair will conduct a detailed survey and provide sound guidance throughout the process.

What Is a Party Wall?

According to Section 20 of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, a Party Wall stands astride the boundary line between two properties. It could be a party fence wall, physical structure or partition that lies on the boundary line or one built close to it. 

Party fence walls are built to serve as a physical divider between two properties. This wall or fence is used for security purposes and helps to mark the boundary line between ownership. Some examples include masonry walls and metal railings. Hedges and wooden fences are not considered party fence walls.

Why Engage Party Wall Surveyors?

Property owners must obtain consent from their neighbours before any building work occurs. This is usually the case when a property owner intends to build a party wall, carry out excavations or erect an extension.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is designed to assist property owners by providing a framework for resolving disputes. However, it is important to have experienced party wall surveyors in Mayfair to minimise the chance of any disputes.

The surveyors ensure that the rights of both property owners are protected and that all building works comply with relevant regulations.

When do you need to serve a party wall notice?

If you want to do construction work on a party wall, you must notify your neighbours in writing at least two months before the renovations. Depending on the type of construction you want to do, there are three different types of notices that need to be served:

  • Party Structure Notice (2 month’s notice)
  • Line of Junction Notice (one month’s notice)
  • Adjacent Excavation Notice (2 month’s notice)

How Can a Neighbouring Property Owner Respond?

The adjoining neighbour can respond to the notice in one of three ways:

Consenting to the Notice

A Schedule of Conditions may be arranged if the neighbouring party agrees to the construction plan and confirms that they received notice. This schedule outlines the condition of the property before any work is done.

Once consent has been granted, the property owner may commence construction works at any time.

Dissenting to the Notice

If the other party objects to the notice, you must appoint a surveyor to mediate and help resolve the conflict. They will also review how the proposed construction work affects the other party and if it is sensible.

After the evaluation, both property owners will receive a Party Wall Award detailing the initiating party’s rights and responsibilities regarding the shared wall.

Nominating a Party Wall Surveyor

If the first two options are not acceptable, the property owners may also nominate an agreed-upon surveyor to determine the outcome of the dispute. An appropriate surveyor must be appointed in writing and will then create a Party Wall Award.

The initiating party assumes all costs related to the survey, regardless of the outcome. Contact our Mayfair party wall surveyors for zealous and reliable representation.

Who We Serve

Building Owners

Our chartered surveyors provide impartial advice to all parties, whether you are a homeowner undertaking extensions or a developer with a construction project. We will conduct the necessary inspections and evaluations to ensure that all parties agree on any proposed works.

Some  of our services include:
  • Party Wall Notices
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Advice During the Design Stage
  • Oversail Agreements
  • Party Wall Awards
  • Neighbour Liaison

Adjoining Owners

We also guide homeowners who want to protect their property rights. Our team will review if the proposed development work meets the requirements of the Party Wall Act and if the neighbouring party is being treated fairly.

We are here to ensure that your rights as an adjoining property owner are upheld.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you must wait for a response before commencing any construction work. Otherwise, it may constitute a breach of contract.

Not necessarily, but it is recommended to have a surveyor oversee the case. This will ensure that your rights are respected and documented in the Party Wall Award.

You must appoint a surveyor if you cannot agree with your neighbour on the works and the boundary line. The surveyor will assess the situation and issue an Award outlining each party’s rights and responsibilities.

The total cost will depend on the job’s complexity. Hamilton Darcey LLP provides competitive rates and an accurate estimate before starting the project.

Why Choose Hamilton Darcey LLP

Hamilton Darcey LLP is the go-to source for reliable, unbiased party wall surveyor services in Mayfair. Our team of experienced surveyors provides a cost-effective, friendly service while taking the stress out of the process. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.