Paddington Party Wall Surveyors

Situated in West London, Paddington is an iconic area with a strong sense of community. It is home to many historical and contemporary buildings.

If you’re planning a renovation and require party wall assistance, our Paddington surveyors are here to help. We’ll assess the property, serve notices and ensure all works are up to code.

What Is a Party Wall?

A party wall is a shared wall between two properties. They are common in attached homes, townhouses and row houses. If you live in an attached property, you likely have at least one party wall.

Section 20 of the 1996 Party Wall etc. defines a party wall as: 

  • any wall situated on the lands of two or more owners
  • any wall located on the land of one owner but used for the benefit of two or more owners
  • any wall forming a boundary line between two properties

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

Any construction, renovation or demolition affecting the wall requires approval from you and your neighbour. The Act applies to all works that affect a party wall, such as knocking it down, cutting it, and building an extension.

A Party Wall notice must be served to your neighbour, who has 14 days to accept or dispute the works. There are three notice types, depending on the type of work:

  • A Notice of Adjacent Excavation – excavation of land within three to six metres of the structure (two months’ notice).
  • A Party Structure Notice – work affecting the party structure, such as rebuilding or underpinning (two months’ notice).
  • A Line of Junction Notice – construction of a new wall on the line of junction between both properties (one month notice).

How Can My Neighbour Respond?

As mentioned, adjoining owners have 14 days to respond to the notice. They can agree, disagree or propose their own terms for the works.

If accepted

The construction project may proceed with the agreement of both parties. In this case, a Party Wall Award is unnecessary, but a Schedule of Conditions should be completed to record the existing condition of your neighbour’s property.

If disputed

An independent third-party surveyor must be appointed if both parties can’t resolve the dispute. This surveyor will confirm that the project complies with the Act and draw up a legal document called a “Party Wall Award”, which both neighbours must sign.

A Party Wall Award outlines both parties’ rights and responsibilities so that that construction can proceed smoothly.


If no response is received

If the notice is not responded to within 14 days, an additional 10 days can be requested. If there is no response again, the building owner’s surveyor may elect a surveyor to represent the neighbour.

The surveyors will agree on an Award detailing the terms and conditions of the proposed work.

The initiating party must pay for all expenses related to the works, no matter the outcome. Get reliable legal advice and assistance from our Paddington party wall surveyors.

Who We Serve

Building Owners

The Party Wall Act protects building owners and their neighbours. Our team provides legal services and support to help building owners with negotiations.

Services we offer include:
  • Serving notices
  • Drafting and serving Party Wall Awards
  • Carrying out surveys of your property
  • Agreeing on the Schedule of Conditions
  • Resolving disputes
  • Providing technical advice throughout the process

Adjoining Owners

We also represent adjoining owners. Our team provides the same services to ensure all works comply with the Party Wall Act and their rights are not infringed upon. This includes:

  • Advising on the notices received
  • Agreeing to or disputing works
  • Negotiating with parties
  • Drafting and signing Party Wall Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

A party wall surveyor is an independent professional appointed by both parties to resolve any disputes relating to the Party Wall Act. They are qualified to write the Award and ensure that all works comply with the Act.

The survey’s cost depends on the project’s complexity and size. Hamilton Darcey LLP provides transparent and competitive pricing.

Yes, you may represent yourself in a party wall dispute. However, it is advisable to seek advice from our experienced team of Paddington party wall surveyors to ensure the best outcome.

Yes, you can appeal a Party Wall Award within 14 days from the date it was served. Our team of surveyors can provide advice and representation if you decide to take this route.

Why Choose Our Paddington Party Wall Surveyors?

At Hamilton Darcey LLP, we ensure that all parties receive impartial advice and support. Get in touch to learn more about our party wall services in Paddington.