Right to Light Surveyor Services in London

If you need to determine the impact on light for a project, we can assist. We are professional right to light surveyors in London and we are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Pyramus and Thisbe Club. We work across the whole of London, covering north, east, south and west London. 

Why You Need a Rights of Light Surveyor

Rights of light can be one of the largest constraints on new property development. If not done correctly, a plan could infringe on a neighbour’s right to light.  It is therefore important to conduct a survey and analyse the proposals to advise on all possible impacts.

Avoid programme delays and obtain an impact analysis by choosing Hamilton Darcey LLP as your right to light surveyor. We advise developers and adjoining property owners.


When developing a site it is important to understand the potential impact on light to neighbouring properties at design stage, to mitigate potential claims against you. We can conduct a right to light assessment for you.

We are able to review design schemes from the outset and advise you and your design team on necessary adjustments to the proposals to reduce infringement upon a neighbour’s right to light. Once we have the information from our right to light analysis, we advise on a suitable strategy to deliver the scheme on time.

Adjoining Owners

If your property is next to a site being developed, contact Hamilton Darcey LLP to conduct a right to light survey on your behalf. We carry out an analysis of the proposed scheme to determine the impact on light.

This involves carrying out a measured survey of your property and inputting this survey data into the contextual model and running the analysis. Following this, we can assist you with negotiating with the developer to either adapt the scheme to mitigate the loss of light or agree a settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

A right to light can be obtained under Section 3 of the Prescription Act 1832 (i.e. by the enjoyment of the light for at least twenty years before the time proceedings have been issued without interruption and without consent), by express deed or by implication (via section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925). A right to light can arise even if the building is not occupied.

We recommend working with a right to light surveyor if you think that a new development will impact the neighbouring property’s right to light and make the level of light fall below acceptable levels.

Before pursuing a site development plan, it is important for developers to gain awareness and understanding of the potential impact on light to neighbouring properties. This means conducting a right to light assessment as early as the design stage to reduce infringement on and avoid claims from neighbouring property owners or adapt the project strategy.

Adjoining owners may have a right to light through defined apertures such as windows and doors. Developers should observe this right. Our London-based right to light surveyors work with clients to assist with advising on the impacts to their light.

An initial site appraisal would help us determine the technical aspects that could disrupt a neighbouring property’s right to light. Our specialists will then further analyse the case to determine whether a new development plan could cause legal complications with adjoining properties.

A comprehensive right to light survey typically includes constructing 3D models so we can accurately analyse the scheme and negotiate a right to light strategy before the issues affect programme.

Why Choose Hamilton Darcey LLP as your Right to Light Surveyor

Our London-based firm is an RICS regulated Chartered Surveying practice that provides right to light surveying services throughout England and Wales. Our right to light surveying specialists will help you avoid project complications and mitigate disputes due to a scheme’s impact on light.

Our right to light surveyors take a bespoke approach to each situation and remain transparent with all our services.

Party Walls

We work with building owners and adjoining property owners in assessing new build or renovation projects that could impact adjoining owners.

Boundary Determination

Our surveyors address all neighbourly concerns regarding property boundaries, from analysing deed plans to providing insights on where the paper boundary lies.

Crane & Scaffold

Our team works with property developers and adjoining owners. We are ready to assist you with design negotiations and formal licence agreements.

Need a Right to Light Impact Assessment?

Hamilton Darcey LLP advises on right of light. Whether you’re a developer or an adjoining property owner, we’ll advise you on the most appropriate way to address related concerns. Schedule a right to light assessment with us.